Hernia Mesh Revision Surgery causing pain and suffering to thousands of people.

People who suffered complications from their hernia repair surgery are claiming financial compensation as a result of the defective surgical mesh used in their hernia mesh repair surgery.

Over 20,000 innocent individuals are alleging that they are suffering from pain, inflammation and infection as a result of the defective product used in their surgery that was “unreasonably dangerous”.

A Utah resident Steven Johns, claims that he suffered "persistent, debilitating pain" and emotional distress after he was implanted with Bard's Ventralight ST hernia mesh patch in 2015 to repair an abdominal hernia.

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Abdominal Pain
Bowel Perforation
Mesh Deformations
Hernia Relapse
Intestinal Blockage
Mesh Migration
Intestinal Fistula
Mesh Removal Surgery
Wound Complications

What are my options?

You should always seek legal and medical advise about your situation. Compensation for hernia mesh lawsuits could include:

Medical expenses from revision surgery due to injuries from hernia mesh

Medical expenses from treatment of infections from hernia mesh

Medical expenses from any care for chronic pain caused by hernia mesh

Pain and suffering caused by the injuries, and the treatment and recovery process

Past and future wage loss, if any

Past and future loss of capacity to earn money

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